Chilcot comments vindicate efforts to impeach Blair over Iraq


Plaid Cymru AM, Adam Price, has today urged a revival of the campaign to ensure accountability over failings during the Iraq war following a revealing interview with Sir John Chilcot, chair of the inquiry into the war.

During his time as Member of Parliament for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr, Adam Price AM was at the forefront of the original campaign to impeach former Prime Minister Tony Blair for misleading the UK Parliament before the invasion of Iraq.

In a detailed interview with the BBC, Sir John Chilcot claimed that Mr Blair had "not been straight" with the public over the Iraq war, and that his decisions had been informed by beliefs rather than facts.

Responding to the interview, Plaid Cymru's Adam Price AM:

"Sir John Chilcot's revealing comments vindicate original efforts to ensure accountability over the failings of the Iraq war.

"His charge that former Prime Minister's decisions were driven by beliefs not facts bolsters the case that Blair clearly misled Parliament and the public with false information rather than reliable intelligence.

"As a result of his dangerous delusions of grandeur, the former Prime Minister pursued a path which proved disastrous, resulting in the loss of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

"Parliament must now do its job and revive efforts to make sure that those responsible for the gross failings before, during and after the invasion are brought to justice.

"Plaid Cymru's original claims that the invasion of Iraq was driven by ideology rather than truthful information have been vindicated by Chilcot's comments and we will continue to speak up for all of those misled and failed by the former Prime Minister's catastrophic actions."

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