Carmarthenshire Has Second Longest Housing Waiting List in Wales

If you live in Carmarthenshire you can expect a long wait for housing according to local politicians. Statistics show that Carmarthenshire is the worst performing council in terms of housing waiting lists outside of Cardiff. Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM and Jonathan Edwards MP say that figures ascertained by Plaid Cymru show that currently there are 6,741 people in the county waiting for accommodation with 622 of those registered as homeless. The figures are even more alarming when compared to neighbouring local authorities such as Neath Port Talbot (2,270) Ceredigion (1,246) and Pembrokeshire (4,462).

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“These figures are very concerning. Not only is it worrying to see so many people waiting for housing in the county but questions must be asked of the Labour-Independent council’s performance compared to that of authorities in the same part of Wales who do not have such long waiting lists. We need an explanation as to why Carmarthenshire County Council’s housing waiting list is so high compared to the majority of Wales.”

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM added:

“One of the biggest issues that the constituency office deals with is people seeking housing. These figures are no surprise really but are obviously of great concern. I will be writing to the Labour-Independent council to ask them for their views on these figures and why, on the face of it, they are so high in comparison to other areas of Wales. Naturally different council’s face different problems but there are serious differences between areas like Ceredigion where there are just over 1,200 people on housing waiting lists and here in Carmarthenshire where there are over 6,700 in a similar situation.”

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