Carmarthenshire communities ignored by superfast broadband plans, claim Plaid politicians

Local politicians Jonathan Edwards and Rhodri Glyn Thomas have stated this week that they fear Carmarthenshire communities will miss out on plans for superfast broadband.

Fibre-based broadband will be available to 96% of Wales’s homes and businesses by 2016. The Welsh government and BT ‘Superfast Cymru’ programme states it will also improve speeds for premises beyond the fibre footprint by using alternative technologies.

However the local Plaid Cymru MP and AM say they’ve been notified by constituents in the Abergorlech area that their properties will fall into the four per cent of Wales which will not receive superfast broadband, and has little hope of any improvement to internet speeds through ‘alternative technologies’.

Jonathan Edwards MP and Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM have been told by constituents that companies already operating wireless internet in Carmarthenshire have informed residents that Abergorlech is “too rural” with too small a population in order to invest in infrastructure.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“Superfast broadband will be extremely welcome in many of the communities I represent, but it is vitally important rural communities are not left behind.

“If we’re to ensure our small communities remain sustainable and continue to be vibrant places to live and work, we must ensure that residents have the same access to broadband infrastructure as those enjoyed in more urban communities.

“I am shocked to be told that Abergorlech is too rural for any business to invest in internet services. My constituents deserve the same rights as anyone else.

“I have expressed my concern to the Welsh government and have requested information on what services can be brought to more rural communities”.

Constituency colleague, Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM added:

“Great improvements to broadband services have been made in recent years, but I am not prepared for Carmarthenshire communities to fall behind the rest of Wales.

“The way in which people work is changing rapidly with more and more people working from home. Jonathan and I will be fighting to ensure the communities we represent have equal investment of internet services.


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