Carbon neutral investment welcomed by Jonathan Edwards MP

Jonathan Edwards MP visited local firm D J Fuels Ltd to discuss how the local, family owned company is investing £250,000 to expand its carbon neutral biomass heating system.

D J Fuels, founded in 1971, has invested in machinery to convert waste wood to chippings to fuel biomass kilns. The company, which sources its wood from Wales, and employs over forty members of staff, has sought to expand employment in its wood business and has received financial support from the Carbon Trust to support its biomass investment.


Plaid Cymru advocates a transition in energy generation towards microgeneration, with a focus on renewable and carbon neutral energy generation.

Visiting the company, Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed visiting D J Fuels Ltd to see a local business growing in such a dynamic and sustainable fashion. Incorporating environmental sustainability into its business practice, I welcome the foresight and innovative approach to business that D J Davies exudes.

“The company not only operates within the local community, securing employment, but also sources core components of its operations from including fuels such as wood.

“The implications of climate change are becoming ever clearer, posing serious challenges to both our society and environment. Approaching business with such an environmentally aware and sustainable approach can only be commended and I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to visit the company.”

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