Candidate Voices Concern at Llandeilo Northern Quarter Proposals

Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales .

3 february 2010 – For immediate release

Plaid Cymru Westminster Candidate for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr has voiced his concern at published proposals for the development of the Llandeilo Northern Quarter. Mr Edwards said that although the location was included on the Local Planning Authorities Unitary Development Plan, planners needed to ensure that any future development of the site would not alter the character of the Town.

Jonathan said

“As current proposals stand there is a danger that the character of the Town could be changed. We are talking about a significant number of new houses being built on the site. Llandeilo’s major strength is that it is a picturesque Town, over development in terms of residential dwellings would inevitably have a negative impact.”

“The site is earmarked for residential and educational development in the Local Planning Authority’s Unitary Development Plan. My preference would be to limit the number of residential houses on the site and for those to be based on local need taking into account factors such as linguistic impact and access to services.”

Nodiadau / Notes:

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