Candidate Slams Treatment of Cancer Patients

Plaid Cymru Westminster Candidate for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr, Jonathan Edwards has slammed the treatment of seriously ill cancer patients by the London New Labour Government. Mr Edwards was speaking after Citizens Advice and McMillan Cancer reported (Failed by the System report) that many seriously ill patients were being forced to undertake cruel back to work interviews under the new Employment Support Allowance Scheme introduced by the UK Government to replace Incapacity Benefit.

Jonathan Edwards former Head of Policy at Citizens Advice Cymru said:

“Yet again we witness London New Labour hitting the vulnerable when they are down. Whilst they have been quite happy to pay £1.3 trillion in loans, grants and guarantees to the casino bankers and the speculators who have damaged our economy – they are threatening the severely ill with a reduction in their benefit entitlements.”

“It’s a damning indictment of how far removed London New Labour have become from our communities that they are forcing patients in the middle of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment to attend back to work interviews. If patients are too sick to attend, then the CAB and Mcmillian evidence clearly shows that the UK Government are taking away their benefits.”

“The new Employment Support Allowance system is just another right wing London New Labour policy that uses the stick against the poor and infirm. We need to be working with individuals who are too ill to work to work out what care they need to get better and what support they need to then get back to work.”

“London New Labour is even trying to take away the benefit payments of people with only months to live. Every Labour politician should be ashamed of themselves for their cruel and degrading treatment of cancer patients.”

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