Calls for Alltwalis Wind Farm to be shut down

A local Assembly Member has called for Alltwalis wind farm to be shut after the company behind it, Statkraft, refused to take responsibility for the distress caused to families in the surrounding area as a result of noise and flicker problems. Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM has contacted the Director of Statkraft Wind making clear his anger at the inaction of the organisation at dealing with complaints. Mr. Thomas AM has also written to the chief executive of Carmarthenshire County Council requesting that they implement enforcement powers to shut down the site until these matters are resolved.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM added:

“I am totally outraged that genuine concerns that have been brought to the attention of Statkraft have been ignored and the company are refusing to take responsibility for the distress they are causing my constituents. I have made it clear to the Director of Statkraft that I am very angry about their position and I will not accept a situation where nothing will be done. I have recently spoken to a constituent who informs me that she made complaint about the noise and flicker levels at night only to be informed that nothing can be done until the morning. This is totally at odds with Statkraft’s claims that the concerns are important to them.

I have written to Carmarthenshire County Council urging them to use the powers available to them to shut down the wind farm until a point is reached when Statkraft resolve the problems that are being experienced as a result of noise and flicker issues. This situation simply can not continue.”

Jonathan Edwards MP added:

“It is for exactly this sort of reason that Rhodri and I have been campaigning for the establishment of a 2k buffer zone to be established for wind farm developments. We have had some productive discussions with the Council about it and we will be pursuing them with the government.”

2 Responses to “Calls for Alltwalis Wind Farm to be shut down” [latest first]

  1. This is yet another example of the complete desregard the wind turbine industrialist have for the people affected by their developments. Moreover thier attitude is a reflection of the head in the sand approach adopted by some MP’s & AM’s. Thankfully however, there are exceptions to this rule who are prepared to challenge the power companies and the intrancience of their fellow MP’s.

  2. AM’s and MP’s alike have been told about noise issues regarding wind developments before hand… Its so much easier to get the support to stop these developments before they get approval than trying to get the development shut down after its been commissioned… Its been a hard lesson, hopefully learnt, and an even better lesson for future developments..
    There has been plenty of media reports surrounding the noise issues around wind developments, I just hope all AM’s and MP’s will support all action groups to stop the industrialisation of our landscapes.

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