Calls for a new pavement in Penygroes

Calls have been made by local politicians for a pavement to be formed along Gorsddu Road in Penygroes. Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM and Jonathan Edwards MP have written to the council asking them to look into the issue after concerned residents took the issue up with the pair during one of their recent weekly street surgeries. Local Councillor Sian Thomas has also called for action after receiving commitments from the council to undertake this work which were not delivered.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM said:

“There is no doubt that without a pavement there is a danger that an accident could easily happen. Locally there is a desire to avoid that and to get a pavement put in place so that people walking along the road can do so safely. We have asked the council to look into the matter as there certainly is a need for this to be done.”

Jonathan Edwards MP added:

“The road can get quite busy with cars and motorbikes travelling along it at high speeds. There is extra concern as with a primary school located close by the road it is often used by schoolchildren, who without a pavement, are forced to walk along the road itself.”

Local Councillor Sian Thomas said:

“Safe routes to School are an important must these days, with incresing traffic and increasing speed. I have for a while now being trying to complete the missing link of pavement along Gorsddu. The County Council traffic engineers met me on site last year and said yes it would be done. But they later changed their minds, going back on the earlier promise. I was very annoyed at this. Yes should mean yes.

Now that we are in an era of cuts, it will be even more difficult for me to persuade them to keep their initial promise, which is why I am delighted my MP and AM are supporting me on this issue.”

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