Budget must deliver job-creating powers for Wales

Plaid Cymru has said that the Chancellor must use tomorrow’s Budget to announce the implementation of the Silk Commission recommendations that would grant Wales the job-creating powers it urgently needs to get the Welsh economy back on track.

Party leader Leanne Wood said that economic recovery remains Plaid Cymru’s main priority and maintained the Chancellor must abandon the self-defeating welfare measures which are leaving more and more ordinary families living under the bread-line.

Plaid Cymru’s Treasury spokesperson, Jonathan Edwards MP added that the Chancellor’s refusal to accept and adopt an alternative to austerity has prompted a decade of decline in which more than half of the planned cuts to benefits and public services are yet to be delivered.

Speaking ahead of the Budget, Leanne Wood said:

“Plaid Cymru wants a Budget that will boost the economy and create jobs. The UK Government’s failure to do this so far shows why we in Wales must have the job-creating tools to do it ourselves – including the transfer of tax-raising and borrowing powers recommended by the Silk Commission.

“This Budget must also bring the unfair welfare cuts to an end and recognise the damage that austerity is having upon communities and families.”

Jonathan Edwards added:

“Every revised growth forecast gives further proof that the Chancellor’s austerity experiment is failing. As we face a clear and present danger of a triple-dip recession, it is vital that Wales is granted the job-creating powers it needs to get the Welsh economy moving.

“Tomorrow, the Chancellor should announce the implementation of the recommendations made by the Silk Commission so that Wales has control over the levers that will allow investment in major infrastructure projects, creating jobs and boosting demand in the economy.

“To date only twenty per cent of the planned cuts have been implemented. Wales is set to lose up to 50,000 public sector jobs in the coming years on top of the 24,000 that have been lost already.

“Ordinary families in Wales should not have to pay the price for the failings of the banks and the self-defeating policies of the Treasury.”


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