Plaid launches 'Positive Post-Brexit Plan'


Plaid's "Positive Post-Brexit Plan" is a five-point plan aimed at making Brexit work for Wales, defending Welsh jobs and seizing new opportunities.

The five points in the plan are:

  • A foreign trade shield to protect Welsh jobs and wages
  • New financial levers to give Wales a competitive advantage
  • A 'Buy Welsh' procurement initiative to support Welsh firms
  • A 'Welsh New Deal' incorporating continued regional development funding and agriculture support for a decade after Brexit, and secure Wales' fair share of UK investment on infrastructure, research and innovation
  • A Welsh Migration Service to ensure a migration system that works for Wales

Commenting on the day of the launch, Plaid Cymru's finance spokesperson, Adam Price, said:

"Plaid Cymru wanted Wales to stay in the European Union but we respect the result of the referendum. The debate has to now move on to the task of making it work for Wales and not just the City of London and the south east of England. It is about creating the kind of Wales we want beyond Brexit.

"Whilst our preferred option would be to maintain our membership of the Single Market and the Customs Union, both the Labour Party and the Conservatives have committed to leaving both. It is our responsibility therefore to outline a contingency plan - to show how we can mitigate the risks and capitalise on the opportunities of Brexit. It is time to move on and face the political realities of the situation.

"Our positive post-Brexit plan is based around five key policy areas which will enable Wales not only to withstand the impact of Brexit but to thrive afterwards. It will enable to Welsh economy to stand on its own two feet, it will give workers and communities across Wales the well-paid jobs they deserve and give our business community a competitive advantage, driving our economy forward.

"Wales needs the money, the powers and fundamentally the respect it deserves to succeed. And it is only by electing Plaid Cymru MPs that we will get it. The money to keep the cogs of our economy turning; the powers so that we can take decisions into our own hands; and the respect to ensure that we can hold our head high as a nation and make sure Wales can succeed throughout Brexit and beyond.

"By mitigating the risks and seizing the opportunities created by Brexit, we can ensure Wales prospers. With this plan we can make Wales's voice heard. By electing Plaid Cymru MPs we can make Wales matter throughout Brexit and beyond."

You can download a full copy of the plan here.

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