Autocracy in Carmarthenshire

One of the hot local topics at this election is proposals by Carmarthenshire County Council to reorganise secondary school education in the Gwendraeth and Tywi Valleys. Last week the Local Authority published proposals to build a new super school in Llandeilo for the Tywi Valley and centralise provision for the Gwendraeth valley in my old school, Ysgol Gyfun Maes-yr-yrfa.

The major issue relating to the Tywi Valley proposals is that it would mean closing Ysgol Pantycelyn in Llandovery. During the consultation process, people in the Tywi Valley were led to believe that any new super school for the area would be located in Llangadog, half way between Llandovery and Llandeilo. Communities in the upper Tywi valley feel as if they have been duped therefore, now that the Council are proposing the old National Eisteddfod site on the banks of the Tywi, south of Llandeilo.

Plaid Councillors in Carmarthenshire quite rightly due to the magnitude of these proposals have been demanding a debate during Full Council and a vote of all Councillors. The Plaid Group in particular believe that Councillors should debate whether closing or merging schools is the way forward, the category of educational provision, and the location of any new Super School if that is the preferred option. However, the Independent – Labour leadership have refused any debate whatsoever until the Administration’s preferred option has been passed by the Welsh Government. Then, and only then, will Councillors have a say on whether to spend the money or not.

This is hardly democratic – a handful of Council Officials and Executive Board Members deciding the fate of Education provision in the County. The increasingly autocratic behaviour of the Independents and Labour does not bode well for local democracy in the County.

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  1. Great blog, Jonathan.
    Carmarthenshire County Council have completely misled the people of Llandovery. I’m glad that Plaid are calling for this fll vote. We should campaign on the steps of County Hall until we’re listened to.

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