Audit Office Called To Continue Investigation into County Planning Department

The National Audit Office of Wales has been called upon to continue their investigation into the planning department at Carmarthenshire County Council. The Audit office was originally contacted by Adam Price during his time as the MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr. Since taking over the role as MP for the constituency Jonathan Edwards MP has been contacted by a number of people concerned with the planning processed. Mr Edwards has now written to the audit office requesting that they continue to investigate these concerns and to make him aware of their findings. In addition to this Mr Edwards has also raised concerns regarding the length of time it has taken Carmarthenshire County Council to deal with planning applications on Listed Buildings.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“There is a lot of concern regarding the planning application processes in the county. I know this is an issue that was brought to the attention of Adam Price with alarming regularity and it is certainly something that has filled my mailbag since I have become the MP. What Adam was trying to ascertain through taking this issue up with the audit office was what failings are there at the planning department in Carmarthenshire County Council. These are not restricted to simply passing blame on the department but hopefully if there are problems in the way it is financed and supported these can be identified. Ultimately we want to ensure that the people of Carmarthenshire are dealing with a fully resourced planning department and the sorts of problems that are being brought to my attention can be avoided in future.”

Jonathan Edwards MP added:

“I have also specifically raised concerns about planning applications on Listed Buildings as figures show that year on year the percentage of these applications dealt with within an 8 week period are very low. 2008 figures were the most positive with 40% of Listed Building applications being dealt with but other years have been very poor with figures for 2007 showing only 5.26% of applications being decided within 8 weeks. This is naturally causing a great deal of delays and problems for people who are forced to wait on these applications being processed.”

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  1. I am pleased that Jonathan Edwards M.P. appears to have taken up the gauntlet left by Adam Price. God knows the people of Carmarthenhire need a champion against this autocratic council. We have suffered for their dishonesty in ways I could not begin to calculate. It consists of some of the most dishonest men I have had the great misfortune to come up against. They are destructive and need to be suspended pending a public enquiry into their behaviour. I alone have more than enough evidence to have them suspended. If someone in authority has the will it will be done.

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