Assurances on Local Funding Welcomed

Confirmation that the Welsh government will be looking to reinvest money in the Upper Amman Valley has been welcomed by the areas local Assembly Member. Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM wrote to the government after it was announced funding for the Upper Amman Valley Communities First Partnership had been withdrawn, urging Ministers to ensure that the money was redistributed back into the local area. Confirmation has now been received in a letter to Mr. Thomas that government officials have been asked to consider options for supporting the community in future through different programmes.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM said:

“I am obviously pleased with the response. I was naturally concerned that residents in the Upper Amman Valley would lose out due to funding for the Communities First Partnership being cut. Hopefully having raised my concerns with the Welsh government, and their positive response, we will see proposals put forward to ensure that the money that would have been used for the Communities First Partnership is used in another capacity for the benefit of the local area.”

Jonathan Edwards MP added:

“There are a number of social and economic issues in the Upper Amman Valley and so it was vitally important that if the Communities First Partnership was to end other programmes were developed. I am delighted that as a result of Rhodri’s discussions with the government they have agreed to consider alternative projects. I know the people of Brynamman and the surrounding vicinity would welcome any investment which will help develop programmes in the area.”

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