MP takes to the waves with volunteer lifeboat crew

Carmarthenshire MP Jonathan Edwards has undertaken a morning of work experience with the volunteer lifeboat crew at Ferryside in support of the crew’s endeavours to purchase a hovercraft.

There are two lifeboats within the county of Carmarthenshire in Ferryside and Burry Port. In addition to covering the Carmarthen Bay area, the crew can be summoned to Pembrokeshire and Swansea if the need arises.

The lifeboat service operates in partnership with St. John’s Ambulance and is completely dependent on donations for the services it provides.

The service faces pressures on its revenue budget for up-skilling volunteers and needs to raise circa £30,000 to purchase a hovercraft.

Plaid Cymru Member of Parliament Mr. Edwards took to the sea last week to learn about the work the crew undertakes and lend his support for the their endeavours.

Speaking back on dry land, Jonathan Edwards said:

“Following my morning with the team I have to say I was extremely impressed with the crew’s professionalism and dedication.

“These are young men, with young families, willing to endanger themselves to keep those who enjoy the beautiful Carmarthenshire coastline and our river estuaries safe.

“Tourism is clearly an important sector for the county’s economy, and keeping our visitors safe from harm is an essential element of any tourism strategy. I believe there are potentially huge benefits for the local authority to engage proactively with the lifeboat crews in the county, and Ferryside in particular.

“I will be making positive representations to the County Council in the hope it will look at what support can be given to the crew such as accessing grant funding. It is crucial this sterling service can continue to grow.”


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