Statement: Plaid Cymru Leadership


Adam Price is proud to say he will accept the nominations he has received to stand to be the next leader of Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales, he has announced this afternoon.

Carmarthen East and Dinefwr Assembly Member Adam Price said:

"I have been asked to accept the nomination to stand to be the Leader of Plaid Cymru by a number of constituency parties, and have received many messages from members, Community Councillors, County Councillors, AMs and MPs from all corners of Wales requesting that I stand for election.  The level of encouragement and support I received whilst not declaring any intention to stand has been truly humbling.

"Following the recommendation of the Assembly Group to invite members to discuss a future leadership model, and the subsequent positive reaction from Leanne Wood, teams for both I and Leanne negotiated throughout the day, in good faith, to reach a way forward which recognised the need for change and avoid the need to challenge.

"My proposal for a new leadership model was a sincere and creative attempt to inject a fresh dynamic into the team.  I believe it remains a practical and progressive way forward and it could have made a traditional contest avoidable.  However, media statements soon indicated the negotiations were being undermined.

"So we must park the proposal for the time being and revert to established procedure.

"But we cannot put off the irresistible call for defining change.  Change in the way we frame our politics; the projection of who we are, what we stand for, what we have fought long and hard for and what's ultimately important to us.  The areas where we will not compromise; the places where we can work with partners.

"I will now accept the nominations I have received to seek to lead Plaid Cymru. 

"I will use this campaign to enthusiastically share and discuss some bold and creative policy ideas for a prosperous, confident and independent Wales with party members who will now have the opportunity they have called for to have their say on building a renewed and resurgent Plaid Cymru."


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