Jonathan responds to the final vote on Article 50 Bill

Plaid Cymru’s Brexit spokesperson, Jonathan Edwards MP, has responded to the House of Commons voting against the Lords amendments to the Article 50 Bill.

Mr Edwards said the Welsh Government faces a choice of representing the Welsh national interest or “continue to do the bidding of its Tory masters in Westminster”.

Commenting after the vote, Plaid Cymru’s Brexit spokesperson, Jonathan Edwards, said:

“Our job as MPs is to represent the interests of our constituents and our compatriots and it is clear that it is in the Welsh national interest for Wales to remain a member of the Single Market and the Customs Union – to protect the vital economic links that we have built across the world and ultimately, protect the jobs and wages of the people we represent.

“Westminster has now made it completely clear that it intends on tearing apart our economic links with Europe. It has also categorically refused to give our friends and neighbours who live and work here with EU citizenship, who have been contributing to our economy, the assurance that they will be allowed to stay here.

“Westminster is not speaking for Wales. Westminster speaks only for the faceless Britocrats in Whitehall who are actively ignoring the Welsh national interest, as expressed in the joint Welsh Government-Plaid Cymru White Paper on Brexit. It is vital that the Welsh Government succeeds in ensuring the inclusion of the Welsh demands in the letter to the European Commission to trigger Article 50.

“The Labour Welsh Government now has a choice – is it going to protect the Welsh national interest or will it continue to do the bidding of its Tory masters in Westminster?”


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  • ben sellens
    commented 2018-11-29 11:32:51 +0000
    We were recently ‘Sold’ a ‘Brexit Deal’ and thought we would like to take it back for a refund based upon our own Government’s advice on unfair contracts:

    Did we understand fully what we were getting into?

    “22. Transparency is also fundamental to fairness. The Act requires that a
    written term in a consumer contract is expressed in plain and intelligible
    language and is legible. This sits alongside a more general requirement that
    consumers are given a real chance, before entering a contract, to see and
    understand all terms that could operate to their disadvantage "

    Has the process been carried out with ‘reasonable care and Skill’?

    “50. Similarly, a business that supplies services to consumers accepts certain
    contractual obligations as a matter of law. In particular, consumers can
    normally expect services to be carried out to a reasonable standard – that is
    with ‘reasonable care and skill’. A term in a contract which could relieve the
    trader of this obligation, or limit the remedies available to the consumer for
    failure to meet this standard, is blacklisted and very likely to be considered
    unfair. "

    So now we’ve had a chance to ‘read the contract’ can we challenge it as unfair?
  • Kevin Simpson
    commented 2017-04-21 22:29:21 +0100
    My life is inextricably lived between Wales and Spain and I have no intention of cutting either half of it off. Please let Theresa May know that there are plenty of people who live similar lives to myself and that if she tries to make our lives difficult then we will not hesitate to return the favor.
    My view on “brexit” is that if the government leaves the EU, and attempts to tell me that I have lost any of the rights that I have at present, as an EU citizen, then I can only respond by withdrawing consent to that government to govern me.
    I would also wish to inform the EU that I am now a stateless EU citizen… Internal refugee… Or something like that, and that I would appreciate some direct guidance from them.
    In other words, complete rejection of JUST UK citizenship and refusal of contact with anyone who does not have EU credentials, while perusing an uninterrupted citizenship of the EU.

    We have met before, and spoken for a while. you have also been to my home, I’m sure you will remember me if I say.
    “Think dragons, cute baby dragons”.
    I am not Welsh born, nor am I Spanish born, however I am very at home in both lands, one day my Welsh might even catch up with my Spanish!
    Thank you for being my MP. I feel privileged to actually have some representation from you in these lands where sadly so few do. You can count on this “in-comer’s” support in the upcoming election as I know you are doing all you can to halt this madness from England.
  • robert bazalgette
    commented 2017-04-20 18:08:35 +0100
    Congratulations on standing up for us in your opposition to Brexit. So many people are left in a void by the stance of the Labour party. Brexit is a massive waste of time and resources, it’s a crime against the future of our country and our children. It is being driven by people with the worst kind of motivation; xenophobia, isolationsim, unfettered capitalism, greed, racism, and so on. Can’t tell you how pleased I am to have you as our MP.

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