Jonathan responds to Parliament's vote on Article 50 Bill


Local MP and Plaid Cymru’s Brexit spokesperson, Jonathan Edwards, has responded to the House of Commons voting against the Lords' amendments to the Article 50 Bill.

Mr Edwards said the Welsh Government faces a choice of representing the Welsh national interest or “continue to do the bidding of its Tory masters in Westminster”.

Commenting after the vote, Jonathan Edwards said:

“Our job as MPs is to represent the interests of our constituents and our compatriots and it is clear that it is in the Welsh national interest for Wales to remain a member of the Single Market and the Customs Union – to protect the vital economic links that we have built across the world and ultimately, protect the jobs and wages of the people we represent.

“Westminster has now made it completely clear that it intends on tearing apart our economic links with Europe. It has also categorically refused to give our friends and neighbours who live and work here with EU citizenship, who have been contributing to our economy, the assurance that they will be allowed to stay here.

“Westminster is not speaking for Wales. Westminster speaks only for the faceless Britocrats in Whitehall who are actively ignoring the Welsh national interest, as expressed in the joint Welsh Government-Plaid Cymru White Paper on Brexit. It is vital that the Welsh Government succeeds in ensuring the inclusion of the Welsh demands in the letter to the European Commission to trigger Article 50.

“The Labour Welsh Government now has a choice – is it going to protect the Welsh national interest or will it continue to do the bidding of its Tory masters in Westminster?”


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