Anger as Council Vote to Shut Respite Facility

Local residents in Ammanford have been left gobsmacked that Carmarthenshire County Council’s Executive Board has voted to close Ty Hafan respite centre in the town. The respite home for people with learning difficulties has been an integral part of the lives of those that use it and many people have been left distraught that the Labour – Independent council chose to vote unanimously to close the service at a closed council meeting. The entire meeting, including the review and discussion of a report on the future of Yr Hafan respite centre lasted only 47minutes. The home is now set to shut on April 1st.

Adam Price MP said:

“I am sure local residents will feel deeply disappointed and let down that Ammanfords local councillor and the County council’s executive board member for community wellbeing both voted in favour of closing this facility. My office has spoken to people who use the facility, or whose family members do, and they are outraged that these members were happy to see the home shut down. We have written to the council urging them to reconsider this decision and the impact it will have on those people that rely on the services provided by Yr Hafan respite care home.”

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM added:

“People using the respite home are devastated by the council’s decision to close it. It will have a hugely detrimental impact on the quality of their lives. Residents have also expressed their anger at the lack of consultation they have had from the council. This is yet another decision impacting on the lives of county residents that has been taken with little or no thought given to creating a dialogue with those it will affect. This is becoming a worrying trend in the Labour – Independent council’s decision making processes.”

Jonathan Edwards added:

“I can not accept cut backs to services of this importance. Many of the people that use the home have complex problems and need dedicated support, in closing this provision the council are effectively stating that offering that support is not a priority for them.”


Nodiadau / Notes:

Please find the following link to the minutes of the executive board meeting where the decision was taken to close the facility.

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