Ammanford politicians’ efforts lead to additional resource for Amman Valley fire fighting

Plaid Cymru politicians Deian Harries and Jonathan Edwards have today welcomed news that Ammanford Fire Station will house the new Rural Response Pumps (RRPs) being introduced by the Fire Service.

During a recent visit to the station, Ammanford County Councillor Deian Harries, and Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards, met with the fire crew who had raised concerns regarding the loss of the second main appliance to Gwaun Cae Gurwen.

Following their meeting the Plaid Cymru politicians made representations to the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service noting the importance of Ammanford’s location for fire fighting in the south west Wales region.

County Councillor Deian Harries said:

“During our visit to the station, it was clear that Ammanford is extremely important strategically for fire fighting in the wider south west Wales area.

“My concern was that the response times would increase due to the second main appliance being moved to Gwaun Cae Gurwen. Instead, thanks to the representations we have made, the Amman Valley will now have additional fire fighting resources. This is extremely welcome news.”

Jonathan Edwards MP added:

“It would be fair to say the main concern of the crew was that resources were being moved from Ammanford and the possible affects that move could have on the area.

“The station is very important to the service and for that reason it houses some of the most advanced equipment available within the fire service. It would therefore make no sense to remove resources away from the highly trained and specialist staff.

“I’m very pleased the constructive representations we have made on behalf of the crew have been welcomed by the Fire Service and that the Amman Valley will have more resources available than it ever has.

“I will continue to work with the Fire Brigades Union to ensure that the crew’s expertise and opinions are fed into the final design of the rural response pumps”.


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