Ammanford and Llandovery Court Closures Anger Local Politicians

Local politicians have slammed a decision by the Conservative – Lib Dem coalition government in Westminster to shut two magistrates’ courts in the county. Jonathan Edwards MP and Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM said the ConDem government’s decision to shut Ammanford and Llandovery courts show a staggering lack of concern for local needs. The fact that Llandovery court has been listed for closure when it has been closed for some time shows that the government has clearly failed to look into the issue in any depth.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“These proposals completely disregard the needs of rural communities. Centralising Magistrates Courts in this way will undermine the fundamental principle that justice should be administered within local communities.

This will have a serious impact on those who have to go to court. Witnesses and court representatives will have to travel much further as a result of these closures, which will lead to added pressures in terms of time needed off work and the financial burden of making the trip. In addition to this with poor public transport in some areas travelling to the nearest court with the closure of Ammanford will be very difficult.”

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM added:

“Once again this shows how little rural communities matter to the Conservative party. They have no concern for the jobs that will be lost, or the problems that will be caused as a result of shutting these facilities.”

Ammanford solicitor Hywel Davies added:

“I am very concerned that in closing local courts we will lose the connection to the local community being responsible for administrating justice. It is vitally important that there is a link between those on trial and the communities in which the trial takes place. This is especially important in areas like Dinefwr where there are such close communities.”

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