AM and MP warn motorists of Insurance Company Small Prints

Plaid Cymru Assembly Member Rhodri Glyn Thomas and Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards are urging motorists to read the small print of their car insurance cover following a number of county residents having had renewal costs automatically taken from bank account in recent weeks.

Many motorists shop around for competitive insurance quotes before deciding to switch their policy. Insurance companies, who actions are noted in the policy small print, automatically assume the policy holder intends to renew their policy for another 12 months if the policyholder does cancel the policy.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas said:

“Constituents from all corners of my constituency have contacted me with concerns that their insurance company has, without consent, taken substantial sums of money out of their bank account for renewal of their car insurance policy.

“Given tight personal finances and the soaring costs of motoring itself, many motorists shop around for competitive insurance quotes before deciding whether to renew or cancel their existing policy.

“However insurance policy small prints note that failing to notify the company of cancellation in advance may result in the policy automatically being renewed. This has indeed happened to a number of my constituents and I have no doubt has also occurred in other areas of the country.

“This practise will potentially affect the most vulnerable in our society who may not have the confidence or endeavour to challenge their insurance company and to try and get their money back.

“I have tabled a question to the First Minister next week on this issue in which I will urge him to make representations to the UK Government to legislate against this practise. In the meantime I would encourage all motorists whose car insurance is due for renewal to check their policy small print and be sure to notify their company in advance if they wish to cancel their existing policy.

Jonathan Edwards MP added:

“This is an alarming practise which has already hit a number of people in Carmarthenshire.

“I fully support Rhodri Glyn’s efforts in seeking legislation against this practise and I too will be sure to bring this issue to the attention of the UK Government.

“I would urge motorists to make every effort to ensure they won’t be bitten by their insurance company small print.”

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