Am and MP promote local products

The importance of supporting local food products have been emphasised at a high profile Welsh Assembly event. Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM joined delegates from the National Farmers Union of Wales, including its President Ed Bailey, to celebrate the high quality goods on offer in Wales.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM said:

“I was delighted to be able to join NFU Cymru at this event to pay tribute to some of the fantastic produce we have in Wales. In Carmarthenshire especially we are fortunate to have a range of high quality home made foods and drinks. The event was a great success with a lot of people present, including the Minister for Rural Affairs, Elin Jones AM, giving their backing to the campaign.”

Jonathan Edwards MP added:

“The products on offer in the county are something we should be proud of and should take advantage of. Not only does buying local help support our county’s economy, it reduces the carbon footprint helping the environment, and you as the consumer can be assured the very best goods.”

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