Alex Jones interviews old school friend and local MP Jonathan

Amman Valley TV star Alex Jones was back in town this week as part of her new Radio Cymru programme for which she interviewed her old school friend and local Member of Parliament, Jonathan Edwards.

Jonathan & Alex Jones

Her radio programme, ‘Alex yn Galw’ (Alex calling) will feature the BBC presenter interviewing six people, from different walks of life in Wales, about their lives and the jobs they undertake.

The former Ysgol Gymraeg Rhydaman and Maes yr Yrfa school pupils met up at Jonathan’s Penygroes home this week for the interview. Alex’s radio programme, produced by Lumedia, will broadcast on Radio Cymru at 2pm on 12th August.

Alex Jones said:

“It’s been great being back in the Amman Valley, catching up with family and friends and enjoying the lovely weather in west Wales.

“It was good fun interviewing Jonathan, who I have known since we were children, and finding out about how he ended up working in London just like myself.”

Welcoming Alex to his home, Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“Everybody in Carmarthenshire is very proud of Alex and her professional achievements, especially here in the Amman Valley. I was delighted to welcome Alex to Penygroes to catch up and take part in her exciting new radio programme. I’m sure many, many people are looking forward to tuning in to her new programme.”


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