Welsh Government should suspend Qatar “special relationship” pending investigations


Adam Price has called for the Welsh Government to suspend its links with Qatar pending an urgent review.

Adam Price said that a review should be held to investigate the involvement of the Welsh Government with Qatar whilst the dispute between it and its neighbours continues.

He said that the situation taken on added gravity since the Serious Fraud Office today charged Barclays Bank executives relating to the way the bank raised billions of pounds from state-owned Qatar Holdings, a subsidiary of the Qatar Investment Authority with which the First Minister has been in direct discussion

Adam Price called on the Welsh Government to:

  • Clarify any subsidy offered in the agreement between Cardiff Wales Airport and Qatari Airways
  • Suspend discussion with the Qatari government and subsidiary organisations pending a review
  • To review the Welsh Government’s decision to hold a trade mission to Qatar in the Autumn.

Plaid Cymru Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Economy Adam Price said:

“The Welsh Government needs to suspend its so-called “special relationship” with Qatar whilst investigations are underway. Commercial deals are one thing but if there is public money is involved then wider issues arise.

“That’s why the Welsh Government needs to clarify any subsidy offered in the deal between Cardiff Wales Airport and Qatari Airways. It also needs suspend discussions with the Qatari government until a review is carried out, and it needs to reconsider its decision to hold a trade mission to Qatar later this year.

“While I want Wales to be an outward looking country and to build strong diplomatic and economic links around the world, we must not sacrifice our principles to do so, the Welsh Government should be revaluating its plans for a new special relationship with Qatar.”


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