Lack of government focus is hurting Wales' economic fortunes

Carmarthenshire Assembly Member and Plaid Cymru's Shadow Cabinet Minister for Finance and Economy, Adam Price has warned that the Welsh Government's lack of clarity on economic policy hurting the economy.

In an Assembly Debate on Wednesday Adam Price said that the Welsh Government had a long track record of introducing half-hearted strategy attempts that fail due to a lack of focus.

He said that the confusion surrounding the Welsh Government's position on whether Wales should be a member of the Single Market was the latest example of the Labour government's failure to deliver on a clear economic vision or Wales.

Adam Price said:

"The Welsh Government's track record on economic policy is a series of failed initiatives that have lost focus and have failed to deliver. The government's obsession with job creation has led to mistakes being made and as a result the economy has stagnated.

"What Wales needs is a massive injection of creativity, but the Welsh Government's cupboard is bare in terms of economic policy. Indeed, there are more ideas from the opposition benches in the Assembly than the government's own benches. Only yesterday, Plaid Cymru launched our Programme for Opposition setting our agenda for the coming months.

"Our programme sets out our economic priorities aimed at bringing Wales to economic parity with the UK within a generation. We have been consistent in our view that Wales remains a full member of the Single Market because we know that it is essential to ensure that firms in Wales can continue to trade freely with the rest of Europe from outside of the European Union.

"This government's lack of focus is hurting Wales' economic fortunes. The dangers posed by Brexit means that it's more important than ever that the Welsh Government forms a coherent view."


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