52,000 jobs at stake due to ConDem cuts agenda

PriceWaterhouse Cooper highlight scale of challenge facing Welsh workers
Plaid Cymru’s Treasury spokesperson, Jonathan Edwards MP, has reacted with anger to a detailed study to be published by PriceWaterhouse Cooper showing that cuts that will be imposed by the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition could lead to an estimated 52,000 public and private sector jobs being lost in Wales. The figure equates to 4.3% of jobs in Wales being slashed

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“Plaid Cymru have consistently argued that the speed and depth of these savage cuts are not only unnecessary but completely unacceptable. The scale of the retrenchment propsed by the Westminster government will disproportionately affect Wales. The fact that Conservative and Lib Dem MPs representing Welsh communities seem content to see 52,000 workers sent to the unemployment line is a disgrace.

The figures estimated by PriceWaterhouse Cooper show clearly the impact of the slash and burn attitude of the ConDem government. It is evident that the Westminster government are far more interested in appeasing the city of London whilst real jobs in Wales are nothing more than an afterthought.”

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