Plaid Carmarthenshire launches county manifesto


Since taking over the leadership of Carmarthenshire County Council in 2015, Plaid Cymru–The Party of Wales has restored the council’s reputation and set the county on the road to a prosperous and secure future.

More than £200m is being invested over five years in exciting projects to create hundreds of well-paid jobs to help keep young people in their communities – both urban and rural.

Carmarthenshire will benefit hugely from the £1.3b Swansea Bay City Deal, in which Plaid’s Cllr Emlyn Dole played a leading part. The deal includes the massive Wellness and Life Science Village at Llanelli, an innovative strategy to develop skills, and support for Yr Egin – the proposed new HQ for S4C at Carmarthen, on which work has already started.

Young families need schools, leisure facilities and decent housing. The Plaid–led council is well on the way to ensuring a mix of 1,000 affordable homes by 2021. As part of this strategy, 60 council houses will be built soon – for the first time in decades. Priority will be given to local residents.

Plaid has protected schools from the savage cuts in public spending by the Welsh Labour Government and the UK Tory Government. Investment in new school facilities will continue, greater use will be made of school buildings as community facilities and steps taken to minimise the impact of poverty on pupils.

Poorer communities in mainly urban areas need special support, as do rural communities in general at a very uncertain time for agriculture and related industries. Plaid proposes a range of initiatives, including pressing for county-wide super fast broadband and 4G coverage.

Caring for the elderly, the infirm and vulnerable people who cannot care for themselves is the hallmark of a civilised society. Plaid firmly believes that integrating non-acute NHS services with Social Care would cut the duplication in managerial staff and improve care by releasing millions of pounds to be spent on more front-line community care staff. New convalescent homes are also needed for patients who are ready to leave hospital but not quite ready to return home.

“Plaid Cymru does not make empty promises,” said council Leader Emlyn Dole. “We’ve embarked on ambitious plans and projects to turn our vision of Carmarthenshire into a reality for the present and future generations. I’m proud of what Plaid has achieved in just two years. Just think what we could do in a full five-year term.”

Read or download the manifesto by clicking here.

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