“Time to take a radical look at our Ambulance Services in Wales”

Plaid’s Health spokesperson Helen Mary Jones AM has expressed her deep concern over the latest statistics on the Ambulance Services in Wales. Figures obtained by BBC Wales shows that ambulance response times in Wales are the worst in the UK.

Llanelli AM Helen Mary Jones last year called for the Welsh Ambulance Service to be restructured in order to overcome the ongoing difficulties that the service is facing in Wales.

Plaid’s Helen Mary believes that more radical proposal should now be looked at in order to bring about real improvements.

Plaid’s Health spokesperson Helen Mary Jones said:

“Unfortunately, these figures show that there has been no significant improvement. The Ambulance Trust is simply not working, and it’s time to take a radical look at what needs to be done.
As I have said previously on the issue, I believe that the management is too remote from the front line and from most of the communities the Service is there to serve. In my opinion, it’s high time that we handover responsibility for the Ambulance Services to our Local Health Boards. The service must be restructured to overcome the severe difficulties it faces in many parts of Wales.”

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM added:

“The figures are very concerning. For some time we have highlighted the very difficult conditions faced by front line paramedics, especially in rural Wales. Those unique challenges must be taken under consideration when looking at the response times. However, what is clear is that is that the service needs to looked at from top to bottom, with the fundermental failings addressed.”

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“I would ideally like to see greater partnership between management and front line staff. I know from speaking to paramedics that their commitment is unquestionable but we must ask if they are given the right support. Listening to how those who deal with the emergency calls believes the service can be improved is the first step to improving it.”

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