‘First Class Postal Service in Carmarthenshire’

Politicians drop in to delivery office as Christmas rush kicks in

Carmarthenshire MP Jonathan Edwards and Assembly Member Rhodri Glyn Thomas have paid a visit to the Royal Mail Delivery Office in Ammanford on what was predicted to be the busiest day for the postal service this Christmas with over 130million items due to enter the postal system – more than double the daily average of 62million.

The Plaid Cymru politicians said they were keen to visit the sorting office to see how our mail is processed and to share their support and appreciation for the staff.

Mr. Edwards and Mr. Thomas said:

“The Royal Mail estimates around 2 billion items will be posted over the Christmas period with this week predicted as the busiest week in the build-up to the festive season.

“We were keen to see how the county’s mail is processed and sent on to their destinations, and to share our support and appreciation for the staff.

“Behind every stamp is a dedicated, first class team of workers who process, sort and deliver our mail”.


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