‘Absurd’ Job Centre Cuts Criticised

A local MP has hit out at the Conservative – Lib Dem UK coalitions decision to cut job centre staff at a time when unemployment is rising and the economy is struggling to recover from the recession. Jonathan Edwards MP said that the proposal to cut 8,000 jobs at jobcentres across the UK was absurd at a time when the ConDem coalition in Westminster was putting so many public sector workers out of work.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“This decision is totally bizarre. I can not believe that the Conservative – Lib Dem coalition in Westminster are happy to put people out of work in Carmarthenshire at the same time that they are cutting job centre staff that would be able to help find new employment. Not only is the ConDem coalition making people unemployed they are seemingly doing everything they can to stop them getting new jobs.

To cut jobcentre staff at a time when front line workers are loosing their jobs makes no sense. I will be doing everything I can to make sure that jobcentre services in the county are available to my constituents and calling on the government to review its strategy, which quite frankly is totally irresponsible.”

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka added:

“When unemployment is still rising, it’s economically absurd to drive even more people out of work and sever the lifeline for thousands and thousands of vulnerable people in our communities.

“While the millionaires in the cabinet repeat the PR mantra that ‘we’re all in this together’, unemployed workers, pensioners, disabled people and low-paid public servants are forgiven for wondering why they are being made to shoulder all the burden.”

Carmarthenshire based AM Nerys Evans said:

“People in the county who have been made unemployed, or are facing that prospect, must be asking themselves what it is their Conservative representatives are doing. How can Simon Hart MP and Angela Burns AM honestly expect to justify making people unemployed at the same time as denying people access to jobcentre services? It is clear that not only do the Tory party not care about making people unemployed through their vicious cuts agenda, they also do not care about helping people get back into active employment.”

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