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Plaid Cymru launches alternative budget ‘to rebuild and renew the country’

  Plaid Cymru has launched an alternative budget ahead of the UK Chancellor’s budget statement on Wednesday, calling for a major programme of infrastructure investment across Wales and a transfer of financial powers to allow the Welsh Government to “rebuild and renew the country".
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Welsh Government must demand full control over Welsh natural resources

Wales must have full control over Welsh natural resources - that was the message from Plaid Cymru who have criticised the Labour Welsh Government for signing a shared ownership deal with the British Government.
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International body warns against scrapping Language Commissioner

A leaked letter from the International Association of Language Commissioners has revealed important questions about the implications of scrapping the Welsh Language Commissioner. 
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Carmarthenshire Young Carers launch national campaign to change discriminatory study law

Young Adult Carers in Carmarthenshire have this week launched a national campaign to change the law in respect of the length of time a young carer can study and still receive Carers Allowance.
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British Government must adopt Real Living Wage

Ahead of Living Wage Week (5th – 11th November) Plaid Cymru has called on the British Government to increase the so-called ‘National Living Wage’ to the Real Living Wage, to boost disposable income.
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